Reproduction on the borders
Reproduction on the borders Reproduction on the borders
"Reproduction on the borders"

In 2001 CAMP Maebashi Art Hall (Gunma)


Or a girl/ witch, or I as a mother in a cocoon

Rapunzel became in her 12 years old the most beautiful girl on earth, but captured by the witch in a very high tower with no entrance or stairs. 12 years old is the entrance of adolescence, from which a girl becomes mature, while too early to call her a woman. So the girl is in a cocoon. It was the witch's will but might subconsciously be the girl's will. Only if I spent my contradictory and anxious adolescence in a warm cocoon…

On the other hand, the witch is a woman who brings up a child, or a mother. The natural parents easily exchanged their child with lettuce. The witch, who wanted more and brought up a child than such parents did, was a mother. I'm glad that the witch as a negative existence as a woman plays a role as a mother.
The mother intended to possess her child completely but was prevented by independence of her child. The child choose her lover rather than her mother.

I go on and off between the girl and the mother. In a time I become a girl and in another time I become a mother, as I go along the story. In fact, I very often draw remembering myself before I had my first period, those days when I enjoyed myself not knowing social and physical limitation as the reproductive sex. Changes after that brought only worry so that cocoon was needed. I trace myself as a girl. I search in myself now for a girl. Thus I empathize Rapunzel. And at the same time the furious witch raging "Hey you!” is also me myself. Mother's love is not always noble and beautiful. Mother's love doesn't know moderateness. That's why it is sometimes cruel.

I trace myself as a witch who doesn't have an affectionate smile and love the witch.