A story starting from a fragment
A story starting from a fragment
A story starting from a fragment
"A story beginning from a fragment"

In 2004 Gallery K (Tokyo)

The way a small fragment is a part of one big whole is true in every relation between things. However, we seldom imagine from daily lives a story of the universe. This is not because we can't bring such an abstraction into daily lives but probably because we all do not believe a story today.

Once there was a happy time when we had a believable story, but now each of small fragments is a tiny tale. Fragments float and accumulate. Both in a person and in the world.
Imagining a story from a fragment of accumulation. Even though it is quite private one.
Recently I create works thinking it.

I go travel.
I meet various things.
I see various things.
I take pictures.
I draw lines at the certain point. Or do not draw.

A line is a sign that ties back and forward but occasionally the time is not linear.
Taken pictures are sent to receivers as fragments of a quite private story.
No receiver is informed of before and after of it, not to mention the whole story.